About Us

We are the Open Arms 7th day C.O.G Intl Ministries, INC where we have Open Arms For A Hurting World, Below, you will find a brief list of some of the distinctive characteristics of our denomination.

  • MISSION- To establish and oversee places of worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • THE SABBATH- The Seventh-Day "Sabbath" is God gift to humanity from creation. (Mark. 2:27). Written into the Ten Commandments by his own finger. In addition, kept, and taught by Jesus, In addition observe by the Apostolic (Acts. 18:4 Exodus. 20 8-11 Luke. 6:6).
  • EVANGELICAL - Taking a literal view of the Scriptures and believing it is our responsibility to share the gospel by telling others about a personal need for Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
  • THE PEOPLE- The church isn't a building--it's people. And we think you'll find Open Arms is a pretty friendly bunch! We meet in various locations for prayer service around Philadelphia PA.
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